What’s Happened to My Country?

It really hasn’t been that long since the last time I was in the States (August of last year), yet somehow it seems like a lot has changed and some of it not for the good. In just a few days I have been inundated with bad news from every angle. This country doesn’t feel like the America that I once knew. It feels more like how I would imagine a South American country to be. Since I haven’t actually been to South America, I can’t say why I see it in this way except that I sense an economic and social instability that has made life downright dangerous or so it seems by the everyday crime and destruction.

It’s not just crime either. It’s also problems with infrastructure and the environment not to mention the survival tactics that are being used by most everyone regardless of social status or upbringing. Basically, there is sense of uncertainty or insecurity in the air.

 I am starting to realize just how fortunate I am that I am sheltered from all of this and don’t have to worry about it infiltrating into my psyche. Here are some of the “words” or phrases from the news stories and what’s being covered in the Dallas area. I am only listing these to illustrate a point and also give an update on stories that I’ve picked up since arriving. This could be indicative of Dallas or Texas and not the rest of the U.S., however we are all part of the same planet so it has an effect nonetheless.

  • Words from today’s news: rip off, gas leak explosion, cheese heroine, serial rapist, pharmacist shot in the hip by robbers trying to get prescriptiondrugs, murder at a grocery store (thief shot by security guard), 1 year old drowning in a dirty pool while grandma was babysitting
  • A 13 year old girl committed suicide because she was rejected by a 16 year old on myspace. The boy was “made up” by the mother of the 13 year old girl’s classmate to “inflict emotional distress.” The mother has been charged with conspiracy.

Other news:

Other Tid Bits: 

 I’ve noticed that in American culture there is a certain level and kind of raw vulgarity that does not exist in the same way as in Europe (perhaps the UK, but definitely not in Scandinavia or the other major European countries), as well as an overly extroverted nature. People tend to reveal a lot of themselves, which can be seen as both good and bad. I guess I am now accustomed to Danes being the opposite way so now it’s even more striking.

I have had loads of small talk, gotten things for free, returned a face lotion after trying it and not liking it and got my money back with no questions asked, and pressed many buttons on the telephone to get through to the right person for customer support. Ahh, it feels good to be home.

Finally, I am thrilled about the produce and fish selections, as well as natural food selections at Whole Foods Market. I tried wheat grass today for the first time and while I did feel a bit like a cow grazing (I know it’s used for juicing but I don’t have a juicer here so I just used my trap). It was tasty with a peppery kind of spiciness. I also tried a new kind of mango from Haiti that rocked. It was a white mango and super sweet. And for dinner I prepared a mix of all kinds of fresh veggies with couscous mixed with some of the mango and sauteed fresh Atlantic shrimp from off the coast of Florida and the most enormous scallops I have ever seen in my life. They were scrumptious.

Cheers for another crazy day in the U.S. of A.




6 Comments on “What’s Happened to My Country?”

  1. The bad news has always been there, hasn’t it? Maybe you are just more sensitive to it now, because you aren’t exposed to it as much or as often in Denmark. At least not the US news… but DK has its own share of bad news. Just not as much of it, but it has a lot fewer people, too.

    From what I read, though, the general atmosphere in the US is indeed pessimistic now. People are anxious and afraid for the future, especially in an economic sense, particularly their own economic future.

    I hope what you observe is more related to your own perspective and not to the US in general. I’ll be making my own judgment in August, when I’ll go back for a visit too. Enjoy your time!


  2. Hey I sent an email!
    Call me!!
    The number you gave me didn’t work.
    I tired calling your Mom’s number but it is busy.


  3. Hi, I randomly found your blog and found it very interesting. I was horrified when I read the news about the girl and MySpace. I wondered what this world has become?


  4. Hey,
    I am an american living in Finland and came across your blog while searching for american things in Copenhagen. I was wondering if you were a “homesick” and craving some american food. Where would you go in Copenhagen? Are there any good american food places there? I am at least planning to hit Burger King and KFC since those aren’t here but for other places (not necessarily fast food) what can you recommend? Thanks for your time! rhoadesmeister@gmail.com


  5. Hey, nice blog. I’ll come check it out more later. It’s 1am here and I need sleep 😛

    I agree tho.. I live in Japan now, where I’ve seen old ladies beat a police officer with a handbag because he wasn’t being respectful to his elders, and watched him bowing profusely, and other aspects like this, and when I go back home to the states I feel like I go back to a war zone. Litterally. I wish people in the states could move away for awhile.. 1 year maybe, and they would get a HUGE wake up call. I generally say the difference between Japan and States is the same as States to Mexico or South American. Probably a bad analogy, because now there’s some rich areas in Mexico and South America, but I’m thinking of right over the border places that are poor.

    Also, I’m shocked at the news, and that feeling that creeps back in that you need to constantly watch over your shoulder for someone to kill you for a dollar (that’s all most people have these days back home), and the police which have turned into a modern gestopo. I asked my dad last time I went home..
    “WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY since I’ve been gone?” He had no clue what I was talking about. Unreal. It hasn’t been like that other times.. just this last few times, and really a big change this latest time I returned.

    I love America tho, and I know it can be fixed if people get tired of the way it is. People just have to remember, the world (or states) is what we make of it. (individually).

    Take care!


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