Finding Green Leafies in Denmark

It’s no secret that dark green leafies are the kings of all vegetables containing the highest nutrient density. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in Denmark. Since most produce is seasonal and local or very selectively imported it can make for slim pickings when it comes to variety in produce. This is great especially if you subscribe to the macrobiotic diet of eating locally-grown grains and vegetables. However, it can be limited and as a result I haven’t been able to find veggies like kale, collard greens, Bok Choy, watercress, mustard and turnip greens and Swiss chard.

In my quest for improving my diet and nutrition, I learned some valuable dietary lessons from Dr. Joel Furhman, author of a great book entitled, “Eat to Live.” Since then I have gained a completely new attitude towards vegetables and discovered their power first-hand in my life. Some may even say that I am obsessed with vegetables. It’s not really so much of an obsession as it is a realization of their effect on how I feel and function. I just have never put as much emphasis on them before. In addition, my juicing project has been going very well and I am ready to advance to the stage where I can start juicing greens.

So, I sent an S.O.S. to an international  group I belong to, L.I.N.K. of Denmark (Ladies International Group) asking if anyone knew where I can find these prized veggies. I received so many great tips that I decided to list them here in the event that there are others like me on the hunt for green leafies.

Where to Find Green Leafies in the Copenhagen area:

  • All the asian markets are located in Vesterbro (right beside Hovedbanegården-Main train station).  I know for sure you can find Bok Choy in the Chinese Market store; as for the other veggies, there is a good chance you can find some of them either on that street or in the surrounding area. There are ethnic grocers sprinkled throughout that neighbourhood.

  • There are two organic farms near me. Here are their websites: – in Ballerup – near Farum

There are lots of organic farms all over Denmark, with farm shops. Here is a link where you can find the ones closest to you:


The only way to get greens year round is in Chinese and Thai markets. There are good ones near the main train station – Chinatown Market and Bangkok Trading  – in Reventlovsgade. They have bok choy and other greens that are nice – Chinese broccoli (gai lan) and another green called choy sam. 


I‘m a vegetarian and have been on the lookout for greens since I came here 14 years ago. It’s tough to find them. You can only get kale when it’s in season, from fall to early spring. Good health food stores and some supermarkets (Irma, Super Best, Brugsen) may have it.


Have you tried the veg handlers behind central station? There are a lot of ethnic shops here where you can buy most things. Bok Choy is no problem to find there. There is a Pakistani place across the road where if you take the side enterance, and walk in the direction away from Vesterport. This area is actually safer than people think and there are some nice cafes on halmtorvet. Down Istegade you will find Chinese and Thai and Phillipino supermarkts – these are about 10-20 minutes up the road past all the sex shops. You can also walk down Nørrebrogade from Nørrebro station and you will come across lots of ethnic food places that have all sorts of amazing stuff, that you can just cannot find in Brugsen. :))

Thanks for all those that gave this great info! I leave you now with a short video of a presentation given by Dr. Furhman about Nutrition Density:

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  1. As a breast cancer survivor with liver problems, I am living proof that all foods are not created equal. After my mastectomy, my unhealthy liver prevented further cancer treatment. I turned to organic food to heal my liver and fight cancer recurrence. After 6 months on an all organic diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, my liver healed and my cholesterol dropped 40 points.
    My research and recipes rich in antioxidants and immune boosters are in my book, “Organic for Health by Sandy Powers,” which won the health category in the National 2008 Beach Book Festival held recently in California. Check out my book trailer on YouTube.
    Good Health!
    Sandy Powers


  2. Hello,
    I found your blog a few weeks ago. I am American, lived in DK for a year and married to a Dane. We have lived back in the states now for many years. Anyway, there is a blog in DK that I thought might interest you so I’ll try to attach a link in this comment. I enjoy reading your blog, so thanks a bunch.


  3. You mean that there are other leafy greens besides rucola and romaine here? Actually I was aware of the Asian markets around Vesterbro. I think I remember some variety where I used to live in Østerbro. On Nørrefrihavnsgade there was a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Here in Ribe you can find a selection of “nationality” greens. The ones in the bags with exotic titles referring to the “style” of green inside. Then there’s the rinsed Dole bags. Oy…makes me feel like I’m in the A&P again.


  4. Hi folks

    NORDRE Frihavnsgade is in Østerbro, which is a middle/over priced area, for people that feel better than others, but cant afford to live all the way up the Strandvejen.
    The pricelevel of everything in that area reflects that attitude.
    Its also considered a “safe but extremely boooring” area to live in. 😉

    On NØRREbro as well, you can find Asian Markets with everything from chickenfeet to bokChoy, and all the other immigrant greengrocers – especially well represented in Nørrebro, but to be found in all areas – have what you want as well.
    And have had for years.

    Besides that, you can get what you want, organic, delivered right on your doorstep, try:

    The Doylebags someone is referring to, is just recently introduced in DK, because Danes like to make their own stuff, just like they prefer to rent empty houses, instead of living surrounded by other peoples poor taste in carpets, wallpaper and furtniture.

    But offcourse they try to adapt to the taste and demands of the increasing amount of foreigners strangely attracted to living here……..

    Watercress can be found everywhere – in peoples gardens, on balconies and in the windowshelves – one of the many thing people like to grow at home – but I often find it in Brugsen.

    I also read somewhere else, that Americans are looking for good mexican food in Dk, and putting down the qualitylevel of what they actually come across.

    The reason for the few places its offered, is because Danes consider Mexican food to be completely uninteresting , fattening fastfood, and will consider it a joke if someone invite you out for dinner – and then take you to a Mexican!!

    Its considered “fastfood served at tables” – only a tiny level over Mac Shit.

    By the way:

    Ranged by pricelevel, going from MOST expensive place to shop your dailies:

    Brugsen (in all its varieties: Dag’liBrugsen, SuperBrugsen, Kvickly)
    Fakta ( discount)
    Aldi (Discount)

    I’m surprised of the attitude here, putting yur new country down for not importing everything from all corner of the world at any time of the year, when the country and its inhabitants are constantly trying to behave according to the newest information about Co2-release etc., like the insanity of flying a papaya from Brazil to Sweden.

    Have you understood the recycling system here, which is unique??

    That includes the awfull metalcans that dk finally had to give in and accept (EU bull) although the country has survived just fine without them, because Danes dont mind bringing the bottles – both glass and later plastic – back to the shops, when its for the greater good of everybody.

    And although the import of hysterically priced, bottled “springwater” has exploded during the last 2 year, we are already told to think twice before buying it, because we actually have the luxury of clean, drinkable tap water.

    Many of the things that becomes trendy here, is a direct Import from i.e. the United Bluff; be it shitty fastfoodchains, recreational drugs or musicstyles with lyrics that make a 3 year old look like Shakespeare, so shut up and eat your greens 😉


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