When I started my career back in the mid-90s, AMD and Intel were having a PC chip war, the World Wide Web was taking off and telecom was the hot topic. Throughout my career, I’ve seen the industry evolve in ways no one thought possible. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m so fortunate to have learned so much along the way.

During those years, I gained deep domestic and international experience working for start-ups as well as SMEs and Fortune 500 global multinationals, mainly in the technology industry (both B2B and B2C). My background includes working in marketing communications and public relations roles on the PR agency side, in-house on the corporate side and I have some non-profit experience as well.

Early on, I worked for an advertising agency in Austin, Texas, doing PR for 3M, AMD and Canon Semiconductor. Later, I served as a regional correspondent for the Applied Materials’ corporate magazine, Texas Matters. This led me to Edelman New York’s Technology practice working on high-tech accounts including Applied Materials, Reuters, Analog Devices, Targus and Gateway.

While managing the Analog Devices’ account, I played a key role in Edelman in being named agency of record and relocated to Boston to open a branch office and service the account. After that experience, I decided to take a break from tech and travel to Scandinavia to attend a summer school program at the University of Helsinki in Finland.

When I returned from my Nordic adventure, I took a PR role at Digital Island (later acquired by Cable and Wireless in the UK), in San Francisco at the height of the dotcom bubble. After the dot-bomb, I decided to move to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I worked as the PR lead for Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the Jabra brand of Bluetooth headsets. There, I helped launch many new products and build out the PR function across the region.

While in Copenhagen, I also worked on a number of publishing projects including contributing to travel magazines, working on a travel guide and writing for “The Beer Book.”

Since then, I have been working as an independent consultant and have expanded into other industries including financial services, food and beverage and yoga/spirituality.

I earned my Bachelor of Journalism degree with a concentration in public relations at the University of Texas at Austin. I also attended a one-year political science graduate program in European Studies in Science, Society and Technology at Roskilde University in Denmark.

Today, I live in San Diego, California and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle including hiking to new peaks, exploring the desert or enjoying sunsets on the beach.

My values are: honesty, balance and kindness