On My Way to the U.S.A: What I’m looking forward to…

Tomorrow I leave for a six-week stint to the U.S. to get a much needed “dose” of all things American including catching up with friends and family. 

It’s been nine months since my last trip to the U.S. and over a year since I’ve been “home.” I am actually quite proud of myself for lasting this long as it seems I get the “itch” and need to go back after about six months. Since it will be six years this year that I’ve lived in Denmark, I suppose that the longer I live here, the longer I can manage staying in between visits home.

I know this trip will be much different for me in many ways because I have a lot of new perspectives and ways of doing things. That said, there is still a lot that I do miss that have become a sort of tradition for me when I go back. Here are just a few of the things that I’m most looking forward to when I go home.

America Here I Come – What I Look Forward to:

  • Seeing and spending time with mom (and other family/friends)
  • Playing with my mom’s dogs (Red & Jack)
  • Chatting with strangers in shops and public places
  • Smiling and getting eye contact from strangers
  • Listening to the radio and watching TV and understanding 100% of what is being said all the time
  • Not having to do dishes by hand
  • Being able to do laundry when I feel like it
  • Tasty fresh produce from California and Florida (and Texas too)
  • Going to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner
  • Visiting the post office
  • Going to Blockbuster and renting movies that have not come out yet or at all in DK
  • Reading the newspaper every day and catching up on celebrity gossip in the tabloids
  • Watching Stephen Colbert from “The Colbert Report,” every night that I can and cracking up
  • Watching “Saturday Night Live” and getting up to date on popular culture
  • Using the ice machine directly from the fridge
  • Having my nails and eyebrows done (and it not costing a fortune)
  • Hanging out with my cousin Julia and her new husband, meeting my third cousin and meeting Max, my close friend’s 1 year old
  • People helping me while I’m shopping (providing added service)
  • Getting refills at restaurants without asking for it
  • Sitting in the sun every day that it’s possible (which in Texas is likely to be just about every day)
  • Wearing a tank top, flip flops and shorts every day and not getting a chill!!!!
  • Watching a few episodes of Oprah
  • Checking e-mails using Starbuck’s wi-fi and enjoying a caffeine-free (or half caff)

 I’m sure I could think of more…but I think that covers the majors. Until next time, I’ll be high in the sky for about 14 hours starting at 8:00 am tomorrow. Vi ses næste gang!



2 Comments on “On My Way to the U.S.A: What I’m looking forward to…”

  1. honny bonny,

    i can’t wait to be there with you and do all these good things with you….hope you made it there safe..

    love you,



  2. LOVE this list! It’s like a preview of things I’m going to miss when I get to Denmark.
    It’s must be true then – they don’t do decaf coffee over there? I haven’t found it yet. So sad.


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