Danish Chamber of Commerce Organizes Expat Event & Job Fair

The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) is holding two special events for the Expat community including a seminar about Settling in Denmark and a JOB FAIR (“for the expat partner”).

The organization created a Web community called Expat In Denmark http://expatindenmark.com/ launched June 30 this year that is free to join and offers Expats a social networking platform, information about Denmark and important info on the health, taxation, education, culture, entertainment, etc.

The site has a blog and a LIVE hotline that members can call — the Danish Chamber of Commerce Hotline — every day (M-F) from 13-16. Members can send a mail too with the promise of receiving a response within 24 hours.

One thing I noticed is that the job fair event specifies that the event is a “Networking Event and Job Fair for the expat partner,” so obviously this initiative is targeted to the transferred executive that has a spouse that needs placement as well. I don’t know if they will make a distinction between these kinds of job seekers and other kinds, like for example, spouses of Danes that are foreign. It’s worth pursuing if you are in need of work.

Here are the details on the two events listed on the site.

Tuesday, Sept. 9 (9:30-12:00) Expat Cafe’ – Settling in Denmark: Opportunities and Challenges

Tuesday, Oct. 21 (4:00-7:00 pm) – Networking Event and Job Fair for the expat parnter

1 Comments on “Danish Chamber of Commerce Organizes Expat Event & Job Fair”

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