The Power of Naps


Einstein did it, so did Dali, Napoleon, Edison, Churchill and Kennedy so why doesn’t everyone? Power naps, cat naps and other naps of the sort are scientifically proved to help you function better, reduce stress and perhaps help you live longer. And if we take a cue from the Mediterranean countries, we should all take siestas!

Many know this but still feel guilty for sleeping during the day or even sneaking in a nap at work. But, the truth is there are many benefits to napping that rightly justify it. I googled the word “nap” and found a Wikipedia overview of napping which cited:

Studies demonstrate that naps are as good as a night of sleep on some types of memory tasks.

Scientific experiments and anecdotal evidence suggest that an average power-nap duration of around 20-30 minutes is most effective. However, a Harvard study showed that those that napped about 1 hour performed better in various tasks than those that only took 30 minutes.

Naps have so many benefits that they should be prescribed to everyone! From increasing ones ability to process information and learning, helping prevent burnout, improving performance, memory and emotional stability, naps rule.

If you are still not convinced, read the National Institute of Health press release on “‘Power Nap’ Prevents Brunout: Morning Sleep Perfects a Skill,” and on how a study showed the “Naps May Reduce Coronary Mortality,” from Harvard University.

Some suggest napping every day to create a consistent schedule. As we all know, our bodies love routines just like when we were babies. Think you know everything there is to about sleep? Take this Sleep IQ test to find out how much you really know and start your napping routine today!

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