The Copenhagen Markets is coming

As a follow up to my “Where to find green leafies in Denmark,” post I have discovered a couple more tid bits of info that may be of interest. First, I was tipped off on a web site called that led me to discover one of the biggest/best farmer’s markets in Copenhagen is located in Valby. It’s actually a wholesale market called Grønttorvet København located at Grønttorvet 5, DK-2500 Valby (Tel: (+45) 77 31 50 00 & E-mail:

It’s mainly a wholesale market selling vegetables, fish, meat, fruit & flowers, etc. (around 200 stalls) to shops & restaurants, however it is open to the public from 8:00am – 9:00 am Monday-Friday ONLY. The web site is: 

What’s even more exciting is that I also discovered that there are plans in place to build a HUGE market (Northern Europe’s largest), and move this one in Valby to the new location in Høje Taastrup (20 km from Copenhagen city center). The Copenhagen Markets – (brochure here) –  will cover 220,000 m2 of land and will take inspiration from other world markets. On the web site it reads:

The inspiration for the development of Copenhagen Markets comes from the leading international markets such as Rungis in Paris, but also Frischezentrum in Frankfurt and C.A.R. in Rome, where they have successfully gathered all produce under one roof, while moving the markets from the inner city to the outskirts of the city.

Here are some images/diagrams of what it will look like:










See below to read the official press release. Plans are in place for this market to be open in 2011. This is AWESOME NEWS! I can’t wait to check out the market in Valby and to visit this new market when it opens in 2011…not soon enough, but I guess good things come to those who wait.

Copenhagen, 10 June 2008         



A unique construction gives Copenhagen Markets a   clear profile for the future food and floral market in Northern Europe         


The Danish construction consortium under the leadership of E. Pihl & Son won the EU invitation for tenders for the development of Copenhagen Markets in Høje Taastrup, Denmark, that is to replace Grønttorvet København







When Copenhagen Market opens its doors to the public in 2011, opening Northern Europe’s largest and most dynamic marketplace and distribution centre for fresh produce, plants and flowers and applied art, it will be with a unique concept. The construction consortium, with E. Pihl & Son at the helm, has developed a visionary and functional construction concept that will give Copenhagen Markets an identity and profile like no other in Europe.








Copenhagen Markets will consist of a series of six-sided halls measuring 10,000 m2 each, combined with rhombus-shaped and three-sided halls that are joined in an architectonically innovative building complex that can be developed with a high degree of functionality.

The up to 100,000 m2 food and flower halls will be surrounded by a wide ellipsis-shaped system of roads with easy access to a large number of ports, docks and ramps for regular and modular tractortrailers, as well as parking lots for customers and guests of Copenhagen Markets.


Four turnkey construction consortiums took part in the EU invitation for tenders. The panel of judges deemed that the winning project stood out as a “powerful, innovative, flexible and convincing proposal for the future Copenhagen Markets”.

Tomorrow’s Copenhagen Markets opens up for efficient and functional logistical handling of products from a large international market and offers an accessible trading environment that is rich in experience and with strong appeal for modern retailers, the catering industry and consumer representatives of the future.

One of the panel’s three professional judges, architect and partner in C.F. Møller Julian Weyer, says: “The six-sided structure is a very exciting idea that will fascinate both customers and other interested parties. The winning project has the potential to function as a brand for Copenhagen Markets and can be optimised to satisfy the efficiency requirements that the future tenants quite naturally have.”

Director of Copenhagen Markets, Torben Flinch, adds: “The winning project will give our tenants at Copenhagen Markets substantial benefits in the form of more effective logistics and operations, as well as new trading opportunities. We anticipate growth in the number of companies in the future – including players with new products such as fish and meat.”








In the second half of 2008, the management of Copenhagen Markets, together with E. Pihl & Son and in close collaboration with over 50 companies who have already signed a lease agreement, will optimize and develop the final project before the beginning of the construction phase in 2009.

The name Copenhagen Markets reflects the vision of a dynamic and international marketplace in Copenhagen. The logotype is introduced visually by three ports symbolizing the efficient handling and distribution of the large volumes of products. The little orange ‘CM’ mark underscores that goods from Copenhagen Markets are quality products.

Cetral location – Copenhagen Markets’ unique location near the motorway system in the western part of Copenhagen and close to Malmö – the two cities of the Øresund region – makes it easy for customers to shop and have goods delivered from Copenhagen Markets. In all, 3.6 million people live in the Øresund region, the majority of whom live within a radius of 50 km from Copenhagen Markets. Read more about it at:

Further information: Director of Copenhagen Markets, Torben Flinch, mobile +45 2423 8102

3 Comments on “The Copenhagen Markets is coming”

  1. Thank You for Your presentation of the copenhagen market.

    Souch a big market is not an easy thing to form logistic.
    We are talking about several problems. Fish – Meat Earth. Flowers – vextabels. And evrything have to bee sold from the same buildings but still seperate 100 %.

    In top of that several 1000 people driving and moving around 100 % safe and secured.

    For Your information our company LogistikCenteret A/S have designed the logistic part and the flow for this market, in fact that was one of the reason why Pihl and Son got this business, because the logistic structure was perfect planned.

    If you are interested to here more about the logistic part in souch a project You are always welcome to mail to us.

    Your sSncerly
    LogistikCenteret A/S
    Krakasvej 17
    3400 Hillerød


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