What’s New in Denmark?


Well, for one thing, the birds are starting to chirp 24/7. We slept with the window open last night and I woke up several times due to this constant chirping. My first thought however was how nice it will be when sun starts to rise around 3:00 am.

The sun set tonight just after 8:00 pm due to the time change and people are already taking advantage of it. Just now on a short walk around the hood, I noticed a couple with children in their strollers eating ice cream! Yes, that’s right, Danes can’t wait to start eating ICE CREAM! I have never seen more people eating ice cream in my life since I’ve moved here.

In other news, I learned today that a company called Project Better Place, which aims to provide electric facilities in cities to support the proliferation of electric cars, announced plans to implement the necessary infrastructure to bring electronic cars to Denmark. This would make DK the second country to have these facilities besides Israel. The electricity will supposedly be generated by wind turbines. In the press release, it states, “Within the next few years, Better Place Denmark is to introduce environmentally friendly, battery driven EVs to the streets of Denmark.” I just hope that they are also planning on building more parking places!

Another interesting news bit is that Danish women have won the right to sunbathe topless at bathing areas including beaches and pools, reports The Daily Mail. Apparently this was up for debate by a group called “The Topless Front,” that believes women should be viewed as equals to men when it comes to bearing the chest.  The leader of the group was quoted saying that women should decide when their breasts should be considered sexual or not. Here’s a news flash, they pretty much are no matter what you want others to think. It may be natural, but in the end it’s human nature you’re talking about.

 Finally, I learned about a new web site dedicated to Danish design, crafts and architecture called Danish Edge run by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The site brings together the Danish Design Center, Danish Crafts and the Danish Architecture Center to promote Danish design. It features loads of very cool, modern designers like Cecile Manz, Johannes Torpe and Rune Reilly Kolsch worth checking out. Some other cool crafts featured are a make-shift rubber tub and vaginal mirror, or basically things you never knew you didn’t need.

That’s all the news for today and enough random topics in one post!

1 Comments on “What’s New in Denmark?”

  1. Vaginal mirror!! Hot diggity I’ve been looking around for one.

    Ugh I know with the ice cream. I used to work at Fields and I’d watch people roaming the corridors with giant waffle cones overflowing with is!


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