The Lightness of Letting Go

Tea drinking at Lanserhof

There is nothing like the soft, light and warm feeling of true relaxation. I’m not talking about the kind where you simply prop your feet up, kick back on the sofa and watch TV. I’m talking about falling gradually and swiftly deeper and deeper into a state of utter relaxation where you feel like a pile of mash potatoes. It is not easy to attain this soft, fluffy and airy existence let alone retain it, but it is precisely what I experienced last week at Lanserhof. It was truly an experience of a lifetime.

I am still continuing the “cure” as they call it, at home and it’s been relatively easy. A strict diet, lots of rest and recuperation. I have managed to continue my Qi Gong exercises as well as my day and evening long tea drinking. I have a new found love of all kinds of herbal teas and am particularly fond of the fennel tea made from steeped and crushed whole fennel seeds. Who knew? Fennel tea has lots of benefits I have come to learn inclusing anti-spasmodic (good for me 🙂 and anti-bacteria, and it’s also good for calming a baby’s digestive system.  

The regimen last week not only took layers and layers of stress, tension and mental and emotional baggage from my body, it also left me almost three kilos lighter. Yes, just over five pounds in ONE WEEK! And I’m still continuing this.

As the journey continues, the benefits are unraveling. It is amazing what happens when you strip everything down to its core. Restriction can only been seen as a gift in the end.

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