Holistic Healing in the Austrian Alps

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With so many wellness resorts offering a wide variety of treatments to address most any ailment, it’s no surprise that people are going back to the roots to find natural, holistic healing in an effort to de-stress, rejuvenate and renew.

One such resort that is reshaping the concept of wellness is Lanserhof, a resort that has offered “medicine of the future” for the past 22 years. Located in the Austrian Alps just outside of the quaint town of Innsbruck, Lanserhof promises to “cleanse the entire organism and strengthen one’s own self-healing powers,” using both eastern and western traditions. The resort also integrates medical research and works in co-operation with experts of the university hospitals in Innsbruck. What’s special about this place?

  • Comprehensive prevention and regeneration packages that encompass quality of life, derma, mobility, healing and health, mind and mental health therapies, and executive health consultations
    Use of state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment including genetic profiling, food tolerance testing, muscle function and endurance testing, ultrasound and micro immunological analysis
  • Specialty treatments ranging from detox massages, Mayr Medicine, Kneipp therapy and energy medicine
  • Detox packages that include daily active awakening in the forest,” the drinking of bitter salt, intensive chewing training, liver and stomach packs and “dinner cancelling” as well as medical lectures on topics such as modern Mayr medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, sleep, psychology and nutrition, and movement
  • Exclusivity, location and use of modern, minimalist design and rustic alpine architecture

I chose the LANS-MED_Basic package for my one week stay over the upcoming Easter holiday. It includes a consultation with a medical doctor who will put together a custom regimen for me. I’m expecting a comprehensive examination of my mind and body, and am looking forward to learning new life lessons that I will take home with me that will hopefully have long-lasting benefits. To learn more about this resort, visit: http://www.lanserhof.at/en/index.htm

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