Time for påskelijer (Easter Lillies)

 Danish Easter Lily

It is a familiar sight this time of year…the påskelijer or Easter lilies start popping up (literally) all over town. It is such a welcomed arrival. When the little yellow tops start sprouting out of the earth, there comes a feeling that spring is officially on its way.  This year is the first year that I’ve actually purchased some at the local store and am now enjoying their bright, yellow glow. What’s interesting is that Danish Easter lilies are not the same as American. In the U.S., the Easter lily is the Lilium longilorum or more traditional lily with white leaves and a distinct pungent and aromatic smell. The Danish Easter lily is actually a daffodil.

2 Comments on “Time for påskelijer (Easter Lillies)”

  1. Global Warming??? They are just starting to sprout here in CPH but maybe it’s different in Ribe? The bloomed ones in the pic are from the ones I bought at the store, which most likely came from a greenhouse….anyway, it’s lovely to see them around don’tcha think? 😉


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