Call Me a Juicer

Market in Annecy, FranceYesterday I had a wish come true. I got a juicer. It’s something that I have been thinking about getting ever since my yoga instructor suggested I juice some fennel for its estrogen-like effect and parsley for its chlorophyll for hormonal fluctuations. She also suggested juicing cabbage. I found this intriguing and tucked the idea away in the back of my mind and silently wished for a juicer to appear in my life someday.

After doing some research and shopping around a bit over Christmas, I quickly realized that juicers are a tad expensive running upwards of 2.000 DKK ($400). But thanks to the post-Christmas sale fairy, I purchased a modestly-priced and perfectly-sized one for 499 DKK ($100). I was psyched.

The first juice I made accompanied my dinner. I juiced a whole organic cucumber, a couple celery stalks and an apple. It is recommended to juice cucumber, celery and fennel for a first juice, but the apple served it’s purpose just fine. The juice produced a cool mint Jiminy Cricket colored green. I enjoyed it a lot and it tasted well, like celery and cucumber. The juice went down with no problem and was a good combo with my dinner which consisted of sauteed Brussels sprouts and a thinly sliced turnip over mashed Kohlrabi.

For breakfast this morning I juiced a papaya, two carrots and a honeydew melon. It was delicious. I think I am going to really get into this juicing thing. Hopefully my stomach can handle it. I already feel a little more perky than usual and I may already be radiating a new glow.

  We’ll see. All I know is that I am already looking forward to my next juice. Perhaps it will be that head of red cabbage in the fridge. Until then, happy juicing!

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