My horoscope today says it all…

Pacifica sunset

My horoscope for today, January 10, states, “One of the dilemmas you now face is about how to fulfill your obligations to others while remaining true to your own needs. Instead of making any final decisions, try to put your personal aspirations on hold for a while so you can do what is most responsible. This can pay off in the long run, allowing you to achieve more satisfaction later on.”

This pretty much says it all. The problem is that I’ve been putting my “personal aspirations on hold for a while,” already. It’s all in the way you look at it though. Recently I read in the book, Ordinary Miracles, True Stories About Overcoming Obstacles & Surviving Catastrophies,that stated, “Compassionate patience is not stopping a life, waiting indefinitely to pick up where we left off in some now outdated plan. Instaed, we must gently redistribute our hopes and focus on new goals that are concrete, realistic, more immediate and more attainable.”

Perhaps this says it a little better. To continue moving on in some new direction that makes sense. But this is the hard part. What it also says is to, “stop waiting for the pain to go away and just accept what is…just begin right here and build now.”

 This is what I have to keep in mind. Even if it means building with tiny building blocks that will take more than it did before to create or accomplish what is set out. Little by little the pieces will fall into place and I will get somewhere.

Until then, I will take my horoscope’s advice and, “do what is most responsible,” and take the best possible care of myself so that I can benefit in the future.

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