Reykjavík Revisited

Iceland Cinema Online is now featuring the movie, “Reykjavík Revisited,” a documentary film about the Icelandic music scene & its people produced by Slovak Jouranlists Juraj Kovácik and Juraj Kusnierik. “Reykjavík Revisited movie is a wild and colorful mosaic of their encounters with the lively Reykjavík music scene and its inhabitants, shot during and around the windy Iceland Airwaves 2012,” says Icelandic Cinema Online.  The film explores the many reasons for the breadth and depth of Icelandic music talent. Some cite the culture, the nature, the weather, a spirit of collaboration and the fact that Reykjavík is such a small, tight community. One person says perhaps it’s because Icelanders just like music and like to have fun. No matter what, this little country produces some pretty special tunes.


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