Denmark increases prices on fatty foods, fat tax or “fat lie”?

It’s no secret that Denmark has a very high cost of living and with 25% sales tax on all items, including food and clothing, most everything costs a bit more here. I will admit it was odd to see people stockpiling butter the other day, the day before the new “fat tax” was imposed. What was even more astonishing was seeing how a small bag of nuts cost around 50 Dkr, or around $10, or full fat milk cost significantly more than low-fat. I had to wonder if this fat tax has something more to do with compensating for other economic troubles than it does keeping the nation trim. I don’t deny that the idea of imposing a “fat tax” is brilliant, and I totally support it, but when you ask a Dane on the street if they plan to cut out their morning pastry, the answer is, “no.”

Another view is that some say fat is not the real culprit, it’s salt, sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Here is a list of coverage regarding the tax. What’s your view?

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Denmark Imposes “Fat Tax”

Denmark Imposes The World’s First ‘Fat Tax’

2 Comments on “Denmark increases prices on fatty foods, fat tax or “fat lie”?”

  1. As another American living in Denmark, I was shocked to see this in the news. To be honest, I have not had a chance to go shopping since this ‘fat tax’ has been enacted. But I am not looking forward to be seeing a bag of almonds or sødmælk go up in price. Because of health reasons I have to very careful about how much sugar I eat. Let mælk has more lactose in it than sødmælk I prefer to get sødmælk then I do not have to work about my lactose (sugar) intake. I honestly do not understand this whole ‘fat tax’ thing, I would rather see a tax on cigarettes, soda or those chocolate drinks that a lot of Danes drink. Also since moving to Denmark, I have actually lost weight and started eating better here then I did back in the US. But none the less I guess it is just another Danish thing I will have to learn to live with.

    Thanks for your posts.


  2. Hi there — You should brace yourself because the prices are significant. I was shocked. Especially with the milk. It just seems off. I can see things like chips and soda as you say but staples like butter and milk should be left alone in my opinion. Also healthy fats, like those found in nuts, should not be included either.


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