Ethnic Shops in Copenhagen

I have long since learned that if you want to cook with rare and exotic spices, and find some fresh produce from far and away places, the best way to do this is to shop at one of the many ethnic grocers around town. I blogged about this long ago when I was in search of greens and wrote “Finding Green Leafies in Denmark,” and listed a few places to find organic goods as well as some of the ethnic shops. I still have yet to find a place to source greens like kale, collard greens or mustard greens, however I now know where to go to find bok choy fairly easily.

The Danish website AOK just published a list of ethnic grocers on their website and it’s broken down by nation. So, if you are in search of fresh baby ginger, basil, lemongrass, and chili from Thailand, curry from India, reasonably priced tofu, legumes and grains from the Middle East like couscous and chick peas, or Japanese seaweed  paper and parafanalia for home-made sushi, consult with the list to find what you need!

4 Comments on “Ethnic Shops in Copenhagen”

  1. i don’t see boasam represented. that lady always has some nice asian greens at not-so-outrageous prices, along with 3 different types of tofu and some other nice things. even a couple organic rices and noodles. you can find the shop at halmtorvet 2. (:


  2. Hi there,
    You mention Kale and the like above so I thought you might be interested in Din Baghave They opened their vegetable stall on Østerbro in July and I must say I’ve been loving the produce that I’ve been able to buy there. They offer a lot of (organic) seasonal vegetables that you just don’t get in the supermarkets. I can especially recommend their potatoes, Black Cabbage, purple carrots and green tomatoes – yum!


  3. Blue carrots? Blue potatoes? I’ve seen neither. Wow, blogs like these can surprise people a lot, revealing never before known things. Nice post and thanks for sharing info on all those green providing places. Thanks a lot.


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