Modern Danish Design at MINDCRAFT10 in Milan

The new generation in Danish design on show in Milan

Danish craft and design has undergone a wave of renewal and revival in recent years. 14 of Denmark’s most talented craftspeople who are part of the new generation in Danish design participate in DANISH CRAFTS’ exhibition MINDCRAFT10. It is the third time that DANISH CRAFTS presents MINDCRAFT during Salone del Mobile, and as previously the exhibition is on display in Zona Tortona, Spazio Vuoto, 55a via Savona.

Denmark has a proud design history, but the great masters of the past such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and Poul Kjærholm have also overshadowed their young successors. This is no longer the case. A new generation of creative and skilled craftspeople and designers have demonstrated that they are capable of taking up the mantle.

14 of these innovative and talented craftspeople and designers have been handpicked to participate in DANISH CRAFTS’ exhibition MINDCRAFT10. All the participating craftspeople and designers have been asked to create completely new works that reflect their unique knowledge of materials and materiality. The unique value that is generated when the right material interacts with the right form at the right time makes a significant difference and is of vital importance to the lifetime and meaning of a product.

The result is 12 powerful works that highlight the tremendous renewal and genuine craft value that characterize the field today. Originality, an explicit urge to experiment and an outstanding sense of materiality are the essence of the works of this year’s MINDCRAFT.

Here are some examples:

Mathias Bengtsson, Paper Chair — Paper Chair is a chair made of recycled paper coated with a thin film of glue.

Astrid Krogh, Twinkle — Twinkle is a clock that revolves around the movement and repetition of time in an endless circle from which the linear movements project into the room and disappear into the endless space.

Louise Hindsgavl, The Pet — The Pet is a piece of seating furniture in wood and fabric, the size of a foot rest but with certain characteristics that make it unpredictable.

Katrine Borup, Heavy Metal —Heavy Metal is a delicate gold ring with a huge “gem” made from a rock.

Ditte Hammerstrøm, Soft Structure — Soft Structure is a piece of padded furniture that incorporates and shapes the room.

Margrethe Odgaard, The Art of Napkin Folding– The Art of Napkin Folding is an oversize damask napkin that is hand-painted and folded on-site.

Flindt & Jerichau, Net Foaming — Net Foaming is a piece of seating furniture in PUR foam, where the textile determines the eventual shape.

Steen Ipsen, Cool Chair — Cool Chair is attractive in its purity. It’s like a wonderful young virgin with the snow-white monochrome and reflecting glaze. And as Snow White – the chair invites to a flirt. A real beauty – in ceramic disguise.


MINDCRAFT is the name of the highly acclaimed exhibitions that DANISH CRAFTS has presented in Zona Tortona in connection with the Milan Design Week in recent years. The MINDCRAFT concept was launched in Milan in 2008. Later that year, the exhibition won the prize for “Best Contribution to 100% Design” when presented in London. The MINDCRAFT concept portrays the development from Handcraft to Mindcraft – a new conceptual design attitude among Danish craftspeople where storytelling, reflection and critical comments are combined with craft skills and aesthetic qualities.

Participants in Danish Crafts’ exhibition:

ISABEL BERGLUND, Textile Designer


DITTE HAMMERSTRØM, Furniture Designer

KATRINE BORUP, Jewellery Designer

ASTRID KROGH, Textile Designer


FLINDT & JERICHAU, Furniture designer

MIA LERSSI, Glass Artist



SALTO & SIGSGAARD, Designer, Architect

SØREN ULRIK PETERSEN, Designer, Cabinet Maker

In addition to the MINDCRAFT10 exhibition at Spazio Vuoto, DANISH CRAFTS presents selected works from MINDCRAFT at the renowned design store and exhibition venue Spazio Rossana Orlandi, via Matteo Bandello 14/16. The works are made by Mathias Bengtsson and Isabel Berglund. Other renowned designers such as Duch designers Maarten Baas and Thomas Eyck and the Finnish design company Artec are also on show at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

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