Growing Up

My father would have been 66 today. In his honor, I decided to write a prayer he wrote that really captures so much. I never really thought of my father as a spiritual or religious man, but after reading these words, I realize that he had a lot of depth that I can now appreciate more than ever. It’s also quite timely because my Birthday was yesterday and the prayer is entitled, “Growing Up”. Thanks, Dad.

Growing Up

It’s not an easy journey but what a worthwhile journey it is.

Because the further we proceed in diminishing our self-centeredness and sense of self-importance,

the more we discover ourselves becoming not only less fearful of death, but also less fearful of life.

And we become more loving. No longer burdened by the need to protect ourselves and truly recognize others.

And we begin to experience a sustained, underlying kind of happiness that we never experienced before

as we become progressively more self-forgetful and hence more able to remember God.

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