Job Market Outlook for Denmark in 2010

Since a few of my posts are concerned about foreigners getting jobs in Denmark, I thought it would be of interest to post this article out today in Berlingske Tidende regarding the outlook for jobs in 2010. The following is a Google translation. While a proposed growth package could save 20,000 jobs, next year looks like it could be a tough one for those looking for work.

Construction sector is one of the three main areas which can look forward to big problems next year.

63,000 jobs at risk in 2010

Of Søren Springborg Last Updated Monday 9 November 2009, 08:08


The Danish labor market will be hit by the crisis at full strength next year. It may cost 63,000 job, according to new forecasts from the Labor Movement.

All parts of the private labor market will be hit hard by jobkrisen next year. It shows a new forecast from the Labor Movement (AE) according to Børsen.

The forecast shows that the prospect of low growth in the Danish economy throughout 2010 will provide an overall loss of jobs at 63,000, divided broadly into three main private sectors building and construction, industrial and service sectors.

“Our new forecast points out that the slight signs of stabilization in the ratios, as we have seen recently, will be far from enough to pull up the labor market and thus prevent further massive job losses in all sectors of the Danish economy “says labor economist in the AE, Eric Bjørsted to Exchange.

Growth Package could provide 20,000 jobs

According to the AES forecast of job losses at 10,000 in benefits in the construction sector, 14,000 in the industrial sector and 39,000 in services.

EA estimates that a growth package in the form of the advanced public investment in line with what the economic experts recommend for 2010 and what they may say will be necessary for 2011, could save about 20,000 jobs spread broadly into the three main sectors.

Wise Men of the Economic Council, Hans Jorgen Whitta-Jacobsen, backs AES new calculations and highlights the positive in that the growth package effects spread relatively evenly over the various sectors

“There is a widespread belief that an advance of public investment solely for the benefit of building and construction. But that is not the case. It is the entire economy, which benefits from public investment, “he says to Børsen.

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