Vandalism and Gang Related Attacks on the Rise in CPH

See video here:

The footage on this video is unreal. I simply cannot believe it was filmed let alone not stopped by the police while it was happening. And to make thing even more unreal, NO ARRESTS WERE MADE — that’s right — not a single person.

Basically, a whole area of Strøget (the shopping street in CPH) including several shops, cars, and residential buildings, was destroyed last night (on Prayer Day no less) by 3-400 left-wing political anarchists known as autonomists having a street (techno) party.

Apparently the police decided to let them go crazy until the party “calmed down” on its own instead of stopping them because they feared the confrontation would bring rise to riots and make things worse. Needless to say residents and shop owners are not happy. The police claim it was a strategic decision.

4 Comments on “Vandalism and Gang Related Attacks on the Rise in CPH”

  1. Disgusting! I can only imagine how rapid the clampdown would have been if these were Muslim youth instead.

    Actually, it sounds terribly cynical to say, but I’m glad the rioting was done by Danes themselves. It would be really nice to think the news media might focus a bit of negative attention on them as well. Imagine!


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  3. I couldn’t watch the video but the photos are shocking! I really don’t see the point of vandalizing stores.


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