Rapeseed Fields Almost Ready


France has its sunflower and lavender fields. Denmark has rapeseed.

During our trip to Jutland this weekend we saw the first bright yellow rapeseed fields blooming, a common sight in the spring and summer across the Danish countryside. Rapeseed is a big part of Denmark’s renewable energy industry and provides oil used for biodeisel and is also a type of vegetable oil, many know it as canola oil. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapeseed

I tried organic rapeseed oil recently and found that it gave me terrible heartburn (maybe because of its erucic acid content), so I’m going to have to pass on adding that to my diet. For those that can stomach it, it has a lot of nutritional benefits because it contains both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Claims have been made that it’s heart healthy reducing cholesterol.

You can learn more about “How Denmark is leading the way in renewable energy” in an article by MoneyWeek from 2006. The country’s biggest manufacturer and one of Europe’s largest, Emmelev, produces approximately 100 million litres per year (80,000 tons of biodiesel), which is mainly exported to Germany, Sweden, Iceland & Norway. CEO Bjarne Sionsen is said to be “Denmark’s Oil Sheik.”

Here are a few pics of one of the fields we saw along the way.




Here are few pics of the fields in full bloom.






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