Some Shocking Danish Ads

Media is one way that defines a culture. And here in Denmark sometimes the advertisements really illustrate some clear differences between the U.S. and DK. It’s no secret that Europe in general is more liberal and that Denmark is one of the most liberal with an open attitude towards sex, beer and nudity, and just being more natural (i.e., grown men changing their clothes openly, topless women, and nude children on the beaches, and nude saunas just to name a few).

Despite this there is also a strong tradition of being conservative as it is truly a nation rich in tradition. It’s a bit of an oxymoron, but the two really do coexist harmoniously. Think about it, it’s the country with the world’s oldest monarchy with a history of vikings. It just works. It’s also this quirky side to the culture that really resonates with me. It’s raw but honest and takes freedom of expression to a new level. It’s a different kind of creativity with less restrictions or restraint.

Here are a few ads (posters and billboards around the city) that I captured on my phone that struck me. I don’t think you would see ads like this in the States.


“The Bed with 16 Million Positions”


An ad for The City Museum for an exibition called, “The Flow of the Big City: Water, Heating, Lighting and Toilets From the Last 150 Years”


“Fuck the Financial Crisis: Everything on Sale”

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