Connie Nielsen Makes “Guide to Copenhagen” on CNN

Danish actress Connie Nielsen has created her own personal guide to Copenhagen for a series on CNN called, “My City, My Life.” The videos are highlighted in an article about the program on Wonderful Copenhagen’s web site  and the videos can be viewed here:

MyCity_MyLife: Connie Nielsen Part 1  (5:10)

MyCity_MyLife: Connie Nielsen Part 2 (7:09)

They are beautifully done and well worth watching!

In addition, CNN has done a whole series on Copenhagen. See:

Copenhagen: What to See

Copenhagen: City overview

Copenhagen: Insider’s Tips

2 Comments on “Connie Nielsen Makes “Guide to Copenhagen” on CNN”

  1. Interesting about the comment from bluefish. I posted a Connie Nielsen picture on my blog and it kept disappearing. Maybe there’s a connie-bot out there deleting unauthorized Connie trail.


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