Oh to be Danish!…and live in America!

I seemed to have found a counterpart…a Dane living in the U.S. who is blogging about what he observes about being a Dane in America. Rasmus Rasmussen, not to be mistaken for Niels Nielsen, Hans Hansen or Jens Jensen, recently blogged about “100 Differences” between Denmark and the U.S. Many of these I have realized of course and some I hadn’t really thought about like the following:

“Toilet bowls generally have more water in them in the US.”

“There are no doorknobs to speak of in Denmark only door handles.”

“Danish buildings don’t have fire-escapes on the outside Which is common in the US.”

“In Denmark you never see crutches that go above the elbow.”

While I generally agree with the majority of these, I do think that some of it illustrates the difference in how Danes perceive Americans or American culture. Perhaps it’s just misunderstanding because of things being taken out of context. I believe if I made a similar list, which I actually may, I’m sure it would be biased by my American eyes. One of the things I would add is that in Denmark they have houses made with straw roofs, in America, they don’t.



1 Comments on “Oh to be Danish!…and live in America!”

  1. The list is very old and would definitely look different, if I were to remake it today. In any case, it was meant as nothing but a bit of fun and should not be mistaken for an actual guide to the two countries.


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